Fundraising Events

Throughout the year members of the Betel community get involved in various fundraising activities, often for specific projects. Read about some of these events past and present below and find out how you can help support them.


Anthony-Marathon-Top-PhotoAnthony Parkinson, Director of our centre in Manchester, is on the run again as he takes part in the London Marathon 2016 to raise money for our work in the North West. If you would like to read more and find out how you can support him then take a look at his article in our Blog section.





cleveland way 2How does a 110 mile walk sound to you? Well
that is how far Mark Priestley is going to be walking in May  as he takes on the challenge of the Cleveland Way to raise money to further the work of Betel in Nottingham. Find out more about his epic adventure here and learn how you can support him.



Last year askydive stock team from Manchester took part in a sponsored skydive to help raise funds for the rebuild of their chapel building which was destroyed by fire shortly before we moved into the property.





IMG_0169Every year throughout the month of December teams of Betelitos take to the streets of cities up and down the country in Carol Singing events spreading Christmas cheer to thousands and raising money at the same time.

If you have ideas for fundraising activities and would like to help Betel to raise money then we would love to here from you.

Watch this space for specific fundraising events taking part in the coming year and find out how you can take part and support us.

Read Some of our stories

One Word

Can the life-changing work of Betel be described in just one word? [video width="1020" height="574" mp4=""][/video]
One Word


Hi, my name is Ondrej Kaderabek. I’m 34 and I’ve been in Betel for just over 6 years. I was born into a good family in a small town in Moravia in the Czech Republic. As a child I was very introverted and withdrawn, with minimal interpersonal skills. When I was 15, I went to veterinary college where I began to take drugs to increase my confidence and help me with relationships. Drugs temporarily made me feel like the person I had always wanted to be. From there I went to university to study veterinary science but after one year I was asked to leave because of my drug addiction. My life began to spiral out of control. I could not hold down a job and was in a lot of debt. I spent all the money from the sale of my grandmother’s house, lost my girlfriend and family, and had no friends. I eventually realised leaving the country was the only option I had, in order to get away from the drugs that were destroying my life. I arrived in the UK but found myself again living on the streets as a homeless addict. After two years of this I met a Christian who tried to help me by giving me their time, money and belongings but it didn’t last. I left, went back to the streets and overdosed on heroin. I was rushed to hospital and somehow, three days later, I found myself at Betel. Dave Murphy was my first leader at Betel. I was not interested in the ‘GOD thing’ at Betel but I had nobody on the outside and nowhere to go. It was very hard learning to do what I was told and to submit to my leaders. However, one day I heard an inspiring talk at a Christian camp I’d gone to with a group from Betel. It was about being a soldier on the front line in a real war in Africa. I knew God was speaking to me about being a front line soldier and I wanted to leave Betel and train as a military soldier, but I couldn't join the Moravian army because I’m a little guy. I spoke to my leader and we prayed together. I still feel called to a war zone but now I know it’s as part of God’s army within Betel. So now I say, “I am called to a war zone! I snatch people out of the enemy’s hands everyday – I am a soldier in heaven’s army!” I will follow God and the Murphys wherever they go. For me, Scotland is the new front line of battle. FREEDOM is possible and I am looking forward to serving the people of Scotland.


12637191_10153925679768958_603695865_o Just minutes before attempting suicide, offered hope.
Hi, I’m Tanya Weild. I’m 48 years old and I’ve been in Betel for eight years. At school I was very shy and was constantly bullied. In my search for acceptance, I started using cannabis when I was 13, before progressing to amphetamines, magic mushrooms and finally, intravenous heroin use. That began 25 years of a living hell involving abusive relationships, hepatitis C, miscarriages, alcoholism, methadone addiction and many rehab centres. One day I decided to end it all. I had just come out of a five-week stay in a psychiatric ward and had lost everything – my family, home, partner, and the most precious person in my life, my son George. I had no hope so I prostituted myself to buy drugs and alcohol to give me enough 'Dutch courage' to jump off a local multi-storey block of flats in my home town of Blackpool. 12669265_1115516371821376_1374284794_oAfter the life I’d led for 25 years, I didn’t believe in any god but on the way to the flats I stopped and cried out, “Please, if there is anyone up there, help me!”  Then I sat down in the woods next to the flats – completely broken, lost, surrounded by bottles of cheap cider and with drugs in my pocket. Two days earlier, in absolute desperation, my dad had taken me to an outreach where I'd been given a leaflet for a place called Betel. It said they could take me in the same day. The problem was, I didn’t want help – I just wanted to die! Suddenly a man came from nowhere with a knife in each hand. I just said to him, “Do whatever you want! I don’t care!” “NO! NO!” he said, “Listen to me! I was on the 13th floor of the flats when I heard God say ‘Go to the window’. As I looked down I saw you crying out for help and heard God saying ‘Go down and get her’”. 12656451_10153925724328958_1579482013_oWhen I asked him about the knives he said he thought I was either being mugged or raped and had brought them for protection. When he asked me about the leaflet in my hand, I told him. Amazingly he said he had been in Betel for years and that he believed God wanted me to go there. I thought to myself,“He’s been smoking as much crack as I have!” To cut a long story short, five days later I arrived at the Betel Nottingham women’s house. I was so ill I lay on a mattress for three weeks, surrounded by people who loved me and who had all gone through the same things as me. They gave me hope on dark days. They loved me when I was unlovable and carried me when I couldn’t carry myself. They encouraged me to believe that God had a plan and purpose for my life and that I, Tanya, had a destiny. I saw in them the love of Jesus, something I had searched for all my life. Now, eight years on, I help lead and oversee the Betel centre in Nottingham, supporting and loving other women who are just like I was. With my wonderful husband Jimmy, we will serve God together until the end of our days.  
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