Betel Receives Royal Honour

Prince William and Kate visit our Rising Café at Coventry Cathedral

“He raises the poor from the dust and lifts the needy from the ash heap; he seats them with princes and has them inherit a throne of honour”
1 Samuel 2:8

Thank you for praying for Betel UK last week. We continue to have meetings for our new HQ planning permission, so we would ask for your continued prayers for all the approvals needed.

The Royal visit Tuesday went perfectly. As we awaited the Duke and Duchess’s arrival, the stunning café decorations and beautifully set tables appeared fit for nothing less than a royal reception. The artful, handmade baked goods on display looked to be the finest money could buy. Mary Alice and the Rising Café team did an outstanding job, as you’ll see in the attached photos. The experience was a brief, thrilling brush with earthly glory that still has us pondering and cherishing the honour.

While thousands of other visitors to Coventry that day hoped for a handshake at best from the Duke or Duchess, Prince William and Kate conversed with us, hearing our men and women’s stories, for 25 minutes. Prince William twice expressed his desire to return to be with us in Birmingham upon the opening of our new HQ building once it’s renovated.

Mary Alice asked the Duchess if we might partner with the Royal family’s foundation (titled the Royal Foundation of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry) in order to together rescue more lives in desperate need of help, to which she agreed. We have written to them asking what steps we might take to do so.

The scripture verse above from 1 Samuel has long been a spiritual metaphor for Betel’s mission to restore faith and dignity to broken lives. To witness this verse’s literal fulfilment in Betel Tuesday, if but for a few moments, was a marvel come true. To gaze upon a room full of our men and women, lifted from the ash heap and seated with this nation’s most beloved Prince and Princess, was a uniquely humbling and rewarding privilege.

Please pray with us that God continues to use the influence of this visit to extend His purposes through Betel.