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Addicted to Comfort

Mark Cuthbert - 05-November-2017

Gods Word Alone

MaryAlice Martin - 31-October-2017

Romans Rocks

Paul Johansson - 24-October-2017

Throw out two hands

Paul Johansson - 21-October-2017

Permanent Transformation

John Spyker - 21-October-2017

Leadership: Coming into our own in God

Paul Johansson - 21-October-2017

Spiritual Renewal

Paul Johansson - 20-October-2017


Kent Martin - 17-October-2017

True Heart Of Worship

Jason Carvalho - 13-October-2017

Where is our true heart of worship? Is it in Christ, where we receive living water, or is it in money, power, beauty, sex or ourselves that leaves us feeling more empty?
Lets explore how true worship leads us to finding our true identity, purpose, meaning satisfaction and freedom.
[ John 4:1-24 ]

Blessed to be a Blessing

Katy Servante - 06-October-2017

In order to be the blessing to others that God is asking us to be, and not to just become weary, we need to understand that blessing flows from God, through us and onto others. This enables us to bless others out of the abundance that God provides.