Betel UK Podcast

Live preaching and teaching from Betel UK in Birmingham, England: Browse through the list of recorded talks and preaching below, or subscribe through iTunes to stay up to date with the latest additions

The Bridegroom

Katy Servante - 16-February-2018

From Fear to Faith

Phil Colbourne - 11-February-2018

The Lamb of God

Kent Martin - 09-February-2018

The Cross and the path to discipleship

Jason Carvalho - 04-February-2018

A series looking at the impact of the cross on our lives: Only by embracing the cross can we enter into true discipleship

Seeing Jesus

MaryAlice Martin - 02-February-2018

The Return of The King

Paul Reid - 28-January-2018

An Audience With The King

Priscilla Reid - 27-January-2018

About Grace

Paul Reid - 27-January-2018

An Invitation to The Kings Table

Priscilla Reid - 26-January-2018