The Cross and the Way to forgiveness

The Healing

The Cross and the path to discipleship

A series looking at the impact of the cross on our lives: Only by embracing the cross can we enter into true discipleship

Perceiving the New Season

God is telling us there is a new season in front of us… but have we put God into a box, and so are blind to what he is doing?

True Heart Of Worship

Where is our true heart of worship? Is it in Christ, where we receive living water, or is it in money, power, beauty, sex or ourselves that leaves us feeling more empty?
Lets explore how true worship leads us to finding our true identity, purpose, meaning satisfaction and freedom.
[ John 4:1-24 ]

Expressing Godly Anger

Anger is an emotion we can’t avoid expressing, or feeling; so how do we handle this emotion as Christians in a way that imitates Christ in our lives
Ephesians 4:26-27; James 1:19-20

Putting Off Falsehood

Looking at Ephesians 4:25: How do we put off falsehood and live as people of truth with God, ourselves, and others

Whats Love Got To Do With It?

The presence of unbelief

Seeing the Glory Of God