The Bible: Unique, Living and Personal

Agronomy of the Heart

How To Keep The Fire Raging

The Fire Is For Purity And Proving

Identity in a Good Father

Freedom is knowing who you are… having such a security in your identity, as Jesus did; where he found joy was in the will of His father, doing the will of His father in everything. Under the perfect loving care and authority of God, Jesus found perfect freedom.

Don’t dodge the divine deserts

After Heaven, the most frequently mentioned landscape in the Bible is that of Wilderness. In fact, the huge Biblical backdrop of life isn’t a desert you escape from, but rather it’s the general nature of life to where we adapt to finding and serving God.

Resurrection and The Coming Kingdom

As the last supper ends, Jesus – about to face betrayal, his trial, his death – looks beyond it all, and makes his promise to the disciples: “the next time we drink like this will be in my Fathers Kingdom”.