Prayer – Week 1

Prayer is a challenging thing: for the rest of our lives we are going to be wresting and learning how to pray because prayer is about a relationship with God. Its about knowing Him thorugh his Word, his presence, through talking to Him – it’s a relationship with a person.

The intimate affections of the heart

The Gospel is not a matter of what we say, but of life. It is rightly recieved when the message of Jesus takes possesion of the most intimate affections of the heart. Do we go that far? Is God in there? All the way in? That’s the challenge before us: the power of the Gospel’s should inspire the whole man body, soul and spirit: he wants us to be wholly His.

The day of pentecost

Get out of the courtroom

Love in action

To keep the fires of faith burning

The Fire Is For Passion

Coming to the altar

An altar is a place where the divine and human interact: it is a doorway into heaven; its that place where, throughout the old testament, people encountered the power and the presence of God. It’s a place of reconnecting to God, and a memorial of the things he has done.