Hi, my name is Ondrej Kaderabek. I’m 34 and I’ve been in Betel for just over 6 years.

I was born into a good family in a small town in Moravia in the Czech Republic. As a child I was very introverted and withdrawn, with minimal interpersonal skills. When I was 15, I went to veterinary college where I began to take drugs to increase my confidence and help me with relationships. Drugs temporarily made me feel like the person I had always wanted to be. From there I went to university to study veterinary science but after one year I was asked to leave because of my drug addiction.

My life began to spiral out of control. I could not hold down a job and was in a lot of debt. I spent all the money from the sale of my grandmother’s house, lost my girlfriend and family, and had no friends. I eventually realised leaving the country was the only option I had, in order to get away from the drugs that were destroying my life.

I arrived in the UK but found myself again living on the streets as a homeless addict. After two years of this I met a Christian who tried to help me by giving me their time, money and belongings but it didn’t last. I left, went back to the streets and overdosed on heroin. I was rushed to hospital and somehow, three days later, I found myself at Betel.

Dave Murphy was my first leader at Betel. I was not interested in the ‘GOD thing’ at Betel but I had nobody on the outside and nowhere to go. It was very hard learning to do what I was told and to submit to my leaders. However, one day I heard an inspiring talk at a Christian camp I’d gone to with a group from Betel. It was about being a soldier on the front line in a real war in Africa.

I knew God was speaking to me about being a front line soldier and I wanted to leave Betel and train as a military soldier, but I couldn’t join the Moravian army because I’m a little guy. I spoke to my leader and we prayed together.

I still feel called to a war zone but now I know it’s as part of God’s army within Betel. So now I say, “I am called to a war zone! I snatch people out of the enemy’s hands everyday – I am a soldier in heaven’s army!” I will follow God and the Murphys wherever they go. For me, Scotland is the new front line of battle. FREEDOM is possible and I am looking forward to serving the people of Scotland.