Betel UK featured in Parliamentary Review

Betel UK is featured in the 2019 Parliamentary Review as Best Practice Representative. Read the full article

Betel Scotland – Open at last!

After a long battle we are finally open,and are taking in men from Scotland and other areas who are battling life controlling addictions,we are very grateful for all the support and gifts that has enabled us to start this vital work up here in Motherwell.

The Old Watermill is situated southeast of Glasgow and boasts a 500 year old millstone, and is the perfect setting to continue the work of Betel UK: the team led by jimmy and Tanya hope to see many more lives transformed by the power of God.

Betel Receives Royal Honour

Prince William and Kate visit our Rising Café at Coventry Cathedral

Tuesday 16th of January 2018 was a true red letter day for Betel and staff of the rising cafe, as we were honoured with a visit from the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge – Prince William and Kate. The café looked absolutely stunning, and the artful, handmade baked goods on display looked to be the finest money could buy.
Café staff await the visit of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge
As the prince entered and cast an appreciative eye over mouth-watering array of cakes and other goodies on display, the Betel guys and girls, many of whom were living in the chaos of homelessness and substance abuse not so long ago, looked on speechless. While thousands of other visitors to Coventry that day hoped for a handshake at best from the Duke or Duchess, their Royal Highnesses conversed with us, hearing our men and women’s stories for 25 minutes.
Café manager Phil Colbourne was one of those who spent some time talking to the prince. “It was amazing to meet him – we chatted about football and he spoke about Cyrille Regis and how much of an icon he was”.
Prince William and Kate talk with Betel’s men and women

Prince William favoured our bakers’ “chessboard” chocolate cake.

Betelitos to sing in ‘Royal Wedding’ Choir

A choir made up of 26 singers who have overcome significant mental or physical health problems, including four members of the Betel community, will be releasing a charity single next week as a Royal wedding gift.

‘Gosp-Ability’ will be performing the single at the Windsor Guildhall on 17th May, which will feature on the BBC One Show. A short documentary about the choir will also be aired on the BBC News Channel on Friday 11th and Sunday 13th May.

Sandra Godley, founder of Gosp-Ability, says “This is such a fantastic journey to be on, I am so proud of the Betel Team and every other member of the Gosp-Ability choir and all the amazing support we’re receiving.”

The Betel community members who have been selected to join the choir are:

  • Richard

    “My addiction was drugs and alcohol. I can’t begin to express how Betel has helped me find my true identity, finding hope and purpose. I have restoration with my family. I thought my life was over but Betel has helped me realise that my life has just begun.”

    “I love Gosp-Ability so much and it’s a privilege to be part of the family.”

  • Emma

    “I used heroin and crack for 12 years, I was isolated, depressed and suicidal before coming to Betel. Betel has given me fresh hope for my future in and through Christ and given me a freedom I never thought was possible. In Betel I have been loved and accepted for who I am.”

    “The Gosp-Ability choir has taken me completely out of my comfort zone but is also privilege to be part of it and fun.”

  • Rasool

    “Because both my parents were addicts, I was brought up from the age of 3 in care homes. Eventually, I became a crack cocaine abuser myself. My life was dysfunctional and lost in a world of drug addiction. I came to Betel UK and found a reason to live life again. Betel provided a safe place for me to become stabilised; spiritually, emotionally, and psychologically.”

    “I feel so blessed to be a part of the Gosp-ability Choir because I get to spread hope to others through song and reciprocate to others what was freely given to me.”

  • Sholi

    “Growing up I had a loving relationship with my mother, however, my Father was absent which meant my siblings were very dependent on me for help. I didn’t realise how broken I was until I went to University where I turned to drink to escape and quickly my life spiralled out of control. I felt completely lost, isolated and hopeless. Now that I am in Betel UK I have a freedom, joy and hope through a growing foundation in Christ.”

About Betel UK:

Betel is an independent Christian charity for men, women and families affected by drug and alcohol addiction and homelessness. Through work, well-being and worship, they help restore broken lives.

Betel is self-financing through its furniture restoration, gardening business and cafes. Betel’s Rising Café in Coventry was honoured to receive a visit from the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in January.

Betel is embarking on a major £3m capital investment programme in Aston, Birmingham, to build a new multi-purpose venue called Anchor Point – Betel HQ: comprising a range of social enterprises, an arts performance suite, conference and meeting facilities, and community outreach with a café and soft play area—all for the purpose of training recovering men and women for employment.

He Is Risen

This project was created as an expression of joy and hope over the resurrection of Jesus for Easter at Betel Church UK. The intention was to combine movement and dance as a way to paint a canvas along with the joy of children as they are given freedom to express themselves creatively. Kids don’t really need to be told to have fun. They don’t need to be told to enjoy. Children simply believe. The purity of that expression, of that joy, is a picture of the hope that springs eternal in all of our hearts at the knowledge of our risen Lord. He is risen! All the time. Happy Easter from Betel Church UK!