Why are you judging others?

The Experience of Adoption

Who Am I?

One Church, one people with one vision

Looking at Betel UKs prophetic direction, and changing paradigm. What warnings from Israels history can we take heed of as we look to Christs voice in our midst as our corporate and personal plumb line.

Will we afford true Discipleship

The preaching dichotomy: Salvation is free through Grace and by Faith, however discipleship costs us everything. A look at some of Jesus’s strongest words challenging our heart commitment and discipline to follow him at any cost.

Pride: An Obstacle to Fire

The extreme iron man challenge of faith

Pressing on, straining forward – the language paul uses in Philippians 3 is race language – it’s runners and marathons, even an extreme iron-man challenge…

Dry times

God calls us, blesses us, gives us victory, but always there seems to be dryness and emptiness: Elijah was faithful to the call of God, and was led deeper and deeper into the Wilderness. Sam Shirazi brings encouragement from 1 Kings 17.