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Out of the Valley

Rick Kaul - 10-November-2017

Gods Glory alone

Billy Glover - 01-January-1970

Addicted to Comfort

Mark Cuthbert - 05-November-2017

Gods Word Alone

MaryAlice Martin - 31-October-2017

Romans Rocks

Paul Johansson - 24-October-2017

Throw out two hands

Paul Johansson - 21-October-2017

Permanent Transformation

John Spyker - 21-October-2017

Leadership: Coming into our own in God

Paul Johansson - 21-October-2017

Spiritual Renewal

Paul Johansson - 20-October-2017


Kent Martin - 17-October-2017

True Heart Of Worship

Jason Carvalho - 13-October-2017

Where is our true heart of worship? Is it in Christ, where we receive living water, or is it in money, power, beauty, sex or ourselves that leaves us feeling more empty?
Lets explore how true worship leads us to finding our true identity, purpose, meaning satisfaction and freedom.
[ John 4:1-24 ]

Blessed to be a Blessing

Katy Servante - 06-October-2017

In order to be the blessing to others that God is asking us to be, and not to just become weary, we need to understand that blessing flows from God, through us and onto others. This enables us to bless others out of the abundance that God provides.

Bountiful Harvest

Rachel Hickson - 24-September-2017


Gordon Hickson - 23-September-2017

Forget and Remember

Rachel Hickson - 22-September-2017

Expressing Godly Anger

Jason Carvalho - 15-September-2017

Anger is an emotion we can’t avoid expressing, or feeling; so how do we handle this emotion as Christians in a way that imitates Christ in our lives
Ephesians 4:26-27; James 1:19-20

Love: A New Horizon

MaryAlice Martin - 10-September-2017

Seeing in a Wider Spectrum

Chris Servante - 08-September-2017

Putting Off Falsehood

Jason - 03-September-2017

Looking at Ephesians 4:25: How do we put off falsehood and live as people of truth with God, ourselves, and others

Whats Love Got To Do With It?

Jason Carvalho - 20-August-2017

The Writing On The Wall

Billy Glover - 18-August-2017

The Power of Praise

Helen Azer - 01-January-1970

The Perils of Stagnation

Kent Martin - 01-January-1970

Prayer – Week 2

Kent Martin - 01-January-1970

Blessing and Destruction

MaryAlice Martin - 01-January-1970

Demolishing the poverty spirit

Gordon Hickson - 01-January-1970

The Bible: Unique, Living and Personal

Kent Martin - 30-July-2017

Prayer – Week 1

MaryAlice Martin - 25-July-2017

Prayer is a challenging thing: for the rest of our lives we are going to be wresting and learning how to pray because prayer is about a relationship with God. Its about knowing Him thorugh his Word, his presence, through talking to Him – it’s a relationship with a person.

The intimate affections of the heart

MaryAlice Martin - 23-July-2017

The Gospel is not a matter of what we say, but of life. It is rightly recieved when the message of Jesus takes possesion of the most intimate affections of the heart. Do we go that far? Is God in there? All the way in? That’s the challenge before us: the power of the Gospel’s should inspire the whole man body, soul and spirit: he wants us to be wholly His.

Elisha and the floating axe head

Timon Robins - 21-July-2017

The curious account of an ancient building project raises some serious challenges for modern day disciples.

A Better Joy

Ian Martin - 18-July-2017

Suffering Produces Fruit

Jimmy Weild - 16-July-2017

Do you want what you want? Or do you want what you need?

Lee Chick - 14-July-2017

Be Smart – Outwit the Devil

Rachel Hickson - 09-July-2017

[Apologies for the poor sound quality in the first 6 minutes of this recording]
We need to be those who finish the race, not just start the journey! Jesus is the ALPHA and OMEGA – He is the beginning and the end. He is the author and completer of our faith. He is ready to walk the journey of life with us and help us WIN. But as we begin to become more confident of our journey in life and feel we are doing well – often we fall into a trap, and suddenly feel that we have not achieved anything at all!

Will we afford true Discipleship

Sam Shirazi - 07-July-2017

The preaching dichotomy: Salvation is free through Grace and by Faith, however discipleship costs us everything. A look at some of Jesus’s strongest words challenging our heart commitment and discipline to follow him at any cost.

Agronomy of the Heart

Kent Martin - 25-June-2017

The presence of unbelief

Jason Carvalho - 23-June-2017

Preparing the way of the Lord (part 2)

Mike Dwight - 11-June-2017

The fear of the Lord

Luke Adamson - 09-June-2017

The day of pentecost

MaryAlice Martin - 04-June-2017