Books, CD’s & DVD’s

From books written about Betel’s history and ethos, to personal stories, to original music CD’s and promotional DVD’s, below is a selection of resources for anyone wishing to learn more about the work of the charity and the life of its residents.


We recommend these books for a compelling introduction to our history, principles, and Christian convictions.

cost-of-the-kingdomThe Cost of the Kingdom (2012)

By Elliott Tepper

What is the Kingdom of God? What makes finding it so valuable that men and women throughout the ages left all to follow Christ? Through Biblical reflections and personal testimony, Elliott Tepper considers some of the essential questions of Christian discipleship, examining the nature of true prosperity and the rewards offered in the gospel.

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A Profile of a Peculiar People (2010)

By Elliott Tepper

Who are we? What are we? What exactly do we do? For those unfamiliar with Betel’s relatively unique work, it is often hard to convey the answers to these essential questions concisely. This forty-five page book written by Betel’s co-founder and international director Elliott Tepper, outlines the ten most important distinctive features of Betel to give a clear picture of our identity.

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We Dance Because We Cannot Fly (2003)

By Guy Chevreau.

The story of Betel told through the testimonies of ‘Betelitos’ from around the world. From the back cover:

“Light has shone in the black holes of humanity. Decades of horrific abuse, multiple suicide attempts, gangster violence, homelessness and drug addiction. Yet, through the power of God’s love, and an association of churches known as Betel, thousands of once desperate lives are not only off the streets, but free of their past and passionate about their future.

We Dance Because We Cannot Fly is a collection of these amazing stories of redemption and transformation.

There is hope, for all of us.”
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Sacking-e1326390097912Sacking the Frontiers of Hell (2001)

By Stewart and Marie Dinnen

This book continues the story of lives radically transformed through the ministry of Betel. Told mainly through personal stories related to the authors, it is an uplifting and encouraging addition to the first installment Rescue Shop Within a Yard of Hell (2000)

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rescue shop

Rescue Shop Within a Yard of Hell (2000)

By Stewart and Marie Dinnen

Written by veteran WEC  leaders, this first book about Betel’s beginnings takes its title from C.T Studd’s declaration, “Some want to live within the sound of church or chapel bell; I want to run a rescue shop, within a yard of hell.” The book tells of the amazing transformation in the lives of drug addicts in post-Christian Spain who were been discarded by society, their families and themselves. From the rescue of one addict, an exciting movement developed that brought many broken people to Christ, ‘ransomed, healed, restored and forgiven’. A companion book by the same authors, ‘Sacking the Frontiers of Hell’, continues the heart warming story.

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wish it were trueWish it Were True E.P (2014)

By Neuma

We seem to go through life never fully satisfied with what this world has to offer. No matter what, we are left with the desire for more. We wish that there was a fulfillment to these desires, especially a perfect love that never ends. But what if, instead of merely wishing, we actually came into contact with a being that was able to satisfy us? What if he entered our reality and initiated a relationship with us? In this short project, Neuma wrestles with these questions and argues that not only can we wish, but we can know that it is true. We can meet Him. And once we do, our entire view of the world will is transformed.

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BETEL Christmas

Betel Christmas (2011)

by Betel UK

This warm and passionate Christmas album contains a selection of modern and traditional songs performed live by Betel UK. Featuring original arrangements captured in the uniquely enthusiastic atmosphere of the Betel community, listen to the sound of grateful lives celebrating the birth of Jesus in one voice.

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neumaCity on a Hill (2007)

By Neuma

Written and produced by Ian ‘Neuma’ Martin, this debut solo album features authentic, underground hip-hop music with gospel-centred lyricism and passionate delivery. Encouraging every Christian to reflect their status as a ‘city on a hill,’ bringing glory to God through their lives, Neuma raps of his experiences growing up in Betel and reflects on endurance, friendship, disappointment and the faithfulness of God.

Features the single ‘Good Morning’, selected by Cross Rhythms as one of the 20 Best Songs of 2007.

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very god hiVery God (2007)

by Godfrey Birtill & Band with Betel of Britain

The raw, dynamic worship of Godfrey Birtill and Band combines with the recklessly grateful voices of Betel of Britain to deliver this powerful double album.

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godfreybirtill-ogodogodogodO God, O God, O God (2006)

by Godfrey Birtill & Band with Betel of Britain

Recorded live in concert, this second of Godfrey’s collaborations with Betel of Britain showcases memorable worship songs delivered with intensity and passion. In stirring unison, this is the sound of lives transformed by grace eagerly offering their praise.

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dreadgodDread God: The Faith & the Fear (2004)

By Godfrey Birtill & Band with Betel of Britain

The first joint album between Godfrey Birtill and Betel of Britain, recorded live in Lincoln, UK. With many songs that went on to be trans-Atlantic favourites, this is a simple display of the power of honest, heartfelt worship. More than another album, this is a worship experience.

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Unseen Warfare (2004)

By Madd Prophetz

Comprised of Betel UK residents Ian ‘Neuma’ Martin, Joe ‘J-Deep’ Frampton and Rosalyn ‘Roz’ Ward, the Madd Prophetz’ Unseen Warfare is a raw, uncompromising hip-hop album with a gospel-saturated message.

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A Cry for Help DVD (20 mins)

This short documentary introduces the work of Betel in the UK and features inspiring testimonies of transformed lives as well as interviews with the charity’s directors.

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