Life After Betel Survey

Life After Betel Survey
1. Do you consider yourself to be free from dependence on drugs and alcohol? *
2. Did you apply to any other organisations for help with addiction within 6 months of leaving Betel? *
3. Are you currently employed (or were employed up until the COVID-19 pandemic)? *
4. If not employed, are you a student or do you volunteer?
5. Do you use any skills that you learnt whilst at Betel in either an employment or volunteer capacity? *
6. Have you received further education/training since you left Betel? *
7. Do you feel that your relationship with family members is better now than before coming to Betel? *
8. Are you regularly involved with any church or other Christian organisation? *
We are carrying out this survey in order to produce statistics relating to people that have 12 months or more in a Betel community, and moved on to a new phase of their life. The results of the survey will be anonymous; however we are asking for your name to help us ensure that the data we prepare is accurate (e.g. it doesn't contain duplicate entries, or people who have not been resident in a Betel community). If you are happy for us to use your data in this way, please tick the checkbox below. *